DeCS 2014 - December 16, 2014 version

Alphabetic Index of Descriptors

W-Pouch use Colonic Pouches
Waardenburg Syndrome
Waardenburg's Syndrome use Waardenburg Syndrome
Waddliaceae use Chlamydiales
Wages use Salaries and Fringe Benefits
WAGR Syndrome
Waist Circumference
Waist-Height Ratio
Waist-Hip Ratio
Waiting Lists
Wakame use Undaria
Wake Robin use Arum maculatum
Wake-Promoting Agents use Wakefulness-Promoting Agents
Wakefulness-Promoting Agents
Wakerobin use Trillium
Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia
Walker-Warburg Syndrome
Walking Sticks use Canes
Wall Germander use Chamaedrys
Wallabies use Macropodidae
Wallabies, Rock use Macropodidae
Wallaroo use Macropodidae
Wallenberg Syndrome use Lateral Medullary Syndrome
Wallerian Degeneration
Walleye dermal sarcoma virus use Epsilonretrovirus
Walleye epidermal hyperplasia virus 1 use Epsilonretrovirus
Walleye epidermal hyperplasia virus 2 use Epsilonretrovirus
Wallflower use Erysimum
Wallpepper use Sedum acre
Walnut use Juglans
Walnut Tree use Juglans regia
Waltheria use Sterculiaceae
Wandering Behavior
Wandering Spleen
Wangiella use Exophiala
War Between the States use American Civil War
War Crimes
War Neuroses use Combat Disorders
War Wounded
Warburg Syndrome use Walker-Warburg Syndrome
Ward-Romano Syndrome use Romano-Ward Syndrome
Wards, General use Patients' Rooms
Warm Currents
Warm Ischemia
Warm-Up Exercise
Warneria canadensis use Hydrastis canadensis
Wars use Military Activities
Wart-Hog Disease Virus use African Swine Fever Virus
Warted Puff Ball use Bovista lycoperdon
Warthin Tumor use Adenolymphoma
Warthogs use Swine
Warts, Genital use Condylomata Acuminata
Warts, Venereal use Condylomata Acuminata
WAS Protein Family use Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein Family
Wash Basins use Sanitary Devices
Washing Agent use Washing Agents
Washing Agents
Washington, D.C. use District of Columbia
WASP Protein use Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein
Wasp Venoms
WASP-Family Verprolin Homologous Proteins use Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein Family
Wassermann Reaction use Syphilis Serodiagnosis
Waste Administration use Waste Management
Waste Classification
Waste Disposal Facilities
Waste Disposal, Fluid
Waste Disposal, Medical use Medical Waste Disposal
Waste Disposal, Solid use Refuse Disposal
Waste Exchange
Waste Importation use Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Wastes
Waste Management
Waste Marketing
Waste of Water
Waste Products
Waste Recovery use Solid Waste Use
Waste Water
Wastewater Biological Characteristics
Wastewater Characteristics
Wastewater Chemical Characteristics
Wastewater Discharge use Wastewater Disposal
Wastewater Disposal
Wastewater Physical Characteristics
Wastewater Pumps
Wastewater Reuse use Wastewater Use
Wastewater Treatability use Analysis of Treatability
Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Wastewater Use
Wasting Disease use Wasting Syndrome
Wasting Disease, Chronic
Wasting Disease, HIV use HIV Wasting Syndrome
Wasting Syndrome
Wasting Syndrome, HIV use HIV Wasting Syndrome
Watchful Waiting
Water Acidity
Water Alkalinity
Water Analysis
Water and Sewerage System Accessories
Water Avens use Geum rivale
Water Bacteriological Characteristics
Water Balance
Water Based Diseases use Waterborne Diseases
Water Biological Characteristics
Water Biology use Aquatic Biology
Water Buffaloes use Buffaloes
Water Bugle use Lycopus virginicus
Water Channel Proteins use Aquaporins
Water Channels use Aquaporins
Water Characteristics
Water Chemical Characteristics
Water Chemical Properties use Water Chemical Characteristics
Water Chemistry
Water Chestnut, Chinese use Eleocharis
Water Classification
Water Code use Water Rights
Water Collection
Water Color
Water Conditioning use Water Treatment
Water Condominial Systems
Water Conflicts
Water Conservation
Water Conservation Devices
Water Consumption use Drinking
Water Consumption (Environmental Health)
Water Consumption Measurement
Water Consumption Variations
Water Contamination Control
Water Contamination Effects
Water Contest use Water Conflicts
Water Controversies use Water Conflicts
Water Cost
Water Currents
Water Cycle
Water Decontamination use Water Treatment
Water Demand
Water Deprivation
Water Disagreement use Water Conflicts
Water Discharge
Water Discharge Meter use Flowmeters
Water Discharge Meters use Flowmeters
Water Disinfectants
Water Disinfection
Water Disputes use Water Conflicts
Water Distribution
Water Distribution Networks
Water Economic Value use Water Value
Water Elder use Viburnum opulus
Water Fennel use Phellandrium aquaticum
Water Flavor
Water Flavour use Water Flavor
Water Flea use Cladocera
Water Flow
Water Flow Meters use Flowmeters
Water Flow Regulators use Water Valves
Water Flower use Geum rivale
Water Hammer
Water Hammer Absorbers use Water Hammer Arrester Valves
Water Hammer Arrester use Water Hammer Arrester Valves
Water Hammer Arrester Valves
Water Hardness
Water Hemlock use Cicuta
Water Horehound use Lycopus virginicus
Water Hyacinth use Eichhornia
Water Intake use Drinking
Water Intoxication
Water Level
Water Level Measurement
Water Level Recorders
Water Lily use Nymphaea
Water Litigation use Water Conflicts
Water Loss use Leakage
Water Loss Control use Leakage
Water Loss, Insensible
Water Melon use Cucurbita citrullus
Water Memory use Action Mode of Homeopathic Remedies
Water Meter use Water Pressure Meters
Water Meters use Water Pressure Meters
Water Microbiological Characteristics
Water Microbiology
Water Moccasin use Colubridae
Water Monitoring
Water Movements
Water Nature use Water Characteristics
Water Needs use Water Demand
Water Odor
Water Odour use Water Odor
Water Organoleptic Characteristics
Water Physical Characteristics
Water Physicochemical Characteristics
Water Physicochemical Properties use Water Physicochemical Characteristics
Water Policy
Water Pollutants
Water Pollutants, Chemical
Water Pollutants, Radioactive
Water Pollution
Water Pollution Sources use Water Pollutants
Water Pollution, Chemical
Water Pollution, Radioactive
Water Pollution, Thermal use Water Pollution
Water Pressure
Water Pressure Meters
Water Price use Water Cost
Water Properties use Water Characteristics
Water Purification
Water Quality
Water Quality Control
Water Quality Criteria
Water Quality Models
Water Quality Standards
Water Quantity
Water Quarrels use Water Conflicts
Water Rationing
Water Recirculation
Water Reclamation use Water Recycling
Water Recovery use Wastewater Use
Water Recycling
Water Renovation use Water Recycling
Water Resource Management use Integrated Water Resource Management
Water Resources
Water Resources Development
Water Resources Management use Integrated Water Resource Management
Water Resources Planning
Water Rights
Water Salinity use Saline Waters
Water Samples
Water Self Purification use Water Selfpurification
Water Self-Purification use Water Selfpurification
Water Selfpurification
Water Shortage
Water Snake use Colubridae
Water Softening
Water Soluble Vitamins use Water-Soluble Vitamins
Water Sources use Water Resources
Water Spout
Water Storage
Water Stress use Dehydration
Water Supply
Water Supply Coverage
Water Supply Enterprises
Water Supply System use Water Supply
Water Supply Systems use Water Supply
Water Supply, Rural
Water Towers
Water Treatability use Analysis of Treatability
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Plants
Water Turbidity
Water Units use Public Standposts
Water Use
Water Valorization use Water Value
Water Value
Water Valves
Water Virological Characteristics
Water Viscosity
Water Volume use Water Quantity
Water Waste use Water Consumption (Environmental Health)
Water Wells
Water Wrangle use Water Conflicts
Water-Electrolyte Balance
Water-Electrolyte Imbalance
Water-Related Diseases use Waterborne Diseases
Water-Soluble Vitamins
Water-Willow use Justicia adhatoda (Homeopathy)
Waterborne Diseases
Waterborne Illnesses use Waterborne Diseases
Waterbug use Blatta orientalis
Waterclover use Marsileaceae
Watercress use Nasturtium aquaticum
Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome
Watering use Agricultural Irrigation
Watermelon use Citrullus
Watermelon Stomach use Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia
Watershed Planning use Basin Authorities
Watery Diarrhea Syndrome use Vipoma
Watery Diarrhea with Hypokalemic Alkalosis use Vipoma
Wattle Tree use Acacia
Wattles use Comb and Wattles
Wautersia use Cupriavidus
Wautersia eutropha use Cupriavidus necator
WAVE Proteins use Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein Family
Wavelet Analysis
Waw Weed use Senecio aureus
WDHA use Vipoma
WDHH use Vipoma
WDSV use Epsilonretrovirus
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Weasels use Mustelidae
Weather Chart use Synoptic Chart
Weather Forecast
Weather Map use Synoptic Chart
Weather Nowcast use Nowcast
Weather Nowcasting use Nowcast
Weaver Mice use Mice, Neurologic Mutants
Web Browser
Web of Diadem Spider use Aranea diadema
Webcasts as Topic
Weber Syndrome use Brain Stem Infarctions
Weber-Christian Disease use Panniculitis, Nodular Nonsuppurative
Weber-Cockayne Syndrome use Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex
Weber-Fechner Law use Differential Threshold
Wechsler Scales
Wedensky Inhibition use Refractory Period, Electrophysiological
Wedge Argument
Wedge Pressure use Pulmonary Wedge Pressure
WEE Virus use Encephalitis Virus, Western Equine
Weed Control
Weeping teatree use Cajuputum
Wegener Autoantigen use Myeloblastin
Wegener Granulomatosis use Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis
Weibel-Palade Bodies
Weight by Age
Weight by Height
Weight Gain
Weight Lifting
Weight Loss
Weight Perception
Weight Reduction use Weight Loss
Weight Reduction Programs
Weight-Bearing Strengthening Program use Resistance Training
Weight-Lifting Strengthening Program use Resistance Training
Weight-Loss Agents use Anti-Obesity Agents
Weightlessness Countermeasures
Weightlessness Simulation
Weights and Measures
Weihe Points
Weil Disease
Weill Marchesani Syndrome use Weill-Marchesani Syndrome
Weill-Marchesani Syndrome
Weill-Marchesani Syndrome, Autosomal Recessive use Weill-Marchesani Syndrome
Weir use Dams
Weisella use Leuconostocaceae
Well Drilling
Well Pumps
Wellness Centers use Fitness Centers
Wellness Programs use Health Promotion
Werdnig-Hoffmann Disease use Spinal Muscular Atrophies of Childhood
Werlhof's Disease use Purpura, Thrombocytopenic, Idiopathic
Wermer Syndrome use Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1
Werner Syndrome
Wernicke Aphasia use Aphasia, Wernicke
Wernicke Area
Wernicke Encephalopathy
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome use Korsakoff Syndrome
West Bank use Middle East
West Indian Manatee use Trichechus manatus
West Indian Pinkroot use Spigelia anthelmia
West Indian Snowberry use Cahinca racemosa
West Indies
West Indies Region use Caribbean Region
West Irian use Indonesia
West Nile Fever
West Nile virus
West Nile Virus Vaccines
West Syndrome use Spasms, Infantile
West Virginia
Western Australia
Western Blotting use Blotting, Western
Western Diet use Diet, Western
Western Equine Encephalitis use Encephalomyelitis, Western Equine
Western equine encephalitis virus use Encephalitis Virus, Western Equine
Western Immunoblotting use Blotting, Western
Western Samoa use Independent State of Samoa
Western Scouringrush use Equisetum hyemale
Western World
Wet Lung use Pulmonary Edema
Wet Macular Degeneration
Wet Oxidation
Wet Season use Rainy Season
Wet Wipes
Wetting Agents
WFP use World Food Programme
WGA-HRP use Wheat Germ Agglutinin-Horseradish Peroxidase Conjugate
Whale, False Killer use Dolphins
Whale, Killer
Whale, Melon-Headed use Dolphins
Whale, Pygmy Killer use Dolphins
Whales, Pilot
Wharton Jelly
Wheat use Triticum
Wheat Germ Agglutinin-Horseradish Peroxidase Conjugate
Wheat Germ Agglutinins
Wheat Germ Lectins use Wheat Germ Agglutinins
Wheat Hypersensitivity
Wheezing use Respiratory Sounds
Whiplash Injuries
Whipple Disease
Whipple's Disease use Whipple Disease
Whippoorwills-Shoe use Cypripedium pubescens
Whirlpool Baths use Hydrotherapy
Whiskers use Vibrissae
White Ash use Fraxinus americana
White Bay use Magnolia glauca
White birch use Betulla alba
White Blood Cell Count use Leukocyte Count
White Blood Cell Transfusion use Leukocyte Transfusion
White Blood Cells use Leukocytes
White Bryony use Bryonia alba
White Cedar use Azadirachta indica
White Cheesewood use Alstonia scholaris
White Clover use Trifolium repens
White Coat Hypertension
White Coat Syndrome use White Coat Hypertension
White Colicroot use Aletris farinosa
White Deadnettle use Lamium album
White Dittany use Dictamnus albus
White False Hellebore use Veratrum album
White Fat use Adipose Tissue, White
White Heifer Disease
White Indian Hemp use Asclepias incarnata
White Lily use Lilium album
White Loco Weed use Aragallus lamberti
White Matter
White Muscle Disease
White Mustard use Sinapis alba
White Pepper use Black Pepper
White Rose use Rosa centifolia
White Sponge Nevus of Cannon use Leukokeratosis, Hereditary Mucosal
White spot syndrome virus 1
White Spots use Dental Caries
White Swallowwort use Vincetoxicum officinale
White Vegetables use Vegetables
White Veratrum use Veratrum album
White Walnut use Juglans cinerea
White Whale use Beluga Whale
White-Beaked Dolphins use Dolphins
White-Root use Asclepias tuberosa
White-Sided Dolphins use Dolphins
Whitefish use Salmonidae
Whiteflies use Hemiptera
Whitemargined Spurge use Euphorbia marginata
WHO use World Health Organization
WHO Emergency Health Kit use Emergency Health Kit
WHO Family of International Classifications use Health Classifications
WHO Regional Office for the Americas use Pan American Health Organization
Whole Blood Coagulation Time
Whole Body Imaging
Whole Body Scanning use Whole Body Imaging
Whole Complement Titer use Complement Hemolytic Activity Assay
Whole Utilization of Foods
Whole-Body Counting
Whole-Body Irradiation
Whole-Cell Recording use Patch-Clamp Techniques
Wholistic Health use Holistic Health
Whooping Cough
Whortleberry use Vaccinium myrtillus
WHR use Waist-Hip Ratio
Wicopy use Dirca palustris
Widowers use Widowhood
Widows use Widowhood
Wiedemann-Beckwith Syndrome use Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome
Wiedemann-Beckwith Syndrome (WBS) use Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome
Wiesbaden Aqua
Wife Abuse use Spouse Abuse
Wilcox Test use Statistics, Nonparametric
Wilcoxon Rank Test use Statistics, Nonparametric
Wild arum use Arum maculatum
Wild basil use Ocimum canum
Wild Boar use Sus scrofa
Wild Cane use Arundo donax
Wild Cotton use Apocynum cannabinum
Wild Cranesbill use Geranium maculatum
Wild Geranium use Geranium maculatum
Wild Ginger use Asarum
Wild Honeysuckle use Lonicera pericylmenum
Wild Hops use Clematis virginiana
Wild Hydrangea use Hydrangea arborescens
Wild Indigo use Baptisia tinctoria
Wild Iris use Iris tenax
Wild Lettuce use Lactuca virosa
Wild Loofa use Luffa operculata
Wild Pansy use Viola tricolor
Wild Rosemary use Ledum
Wild Sarsaparilla use Aralia
Wild Spikenard use Asarum europaeum
Wild Strawberry use Fragaria vesca
Wild sunflower use Helianthus annuus
Wild Thyme use Thymus serpyllum
Wild Wood-Vine use Ampelopsis quinquefolia
Wild Yam use Dioscorea villosa
Wildbad Aqua
Wilderness Medicine
Wildugen Aqua
Wilkstroemia viridiflora use Daphne indica
Will use Volition
Williams Syndrome
Willis' Circle use Circle of Willis
Willow use Salix
Willow, Water use Baccharis
Willy-Willy use Tropical Cyclone
Wilms Tumor
Wilms Tumor Genes use Genes, Wilms Tumor
Wilms Tumor, Aniridia, Genitourinary Anomalies, Mental Retardation Syndrome use WAGR Syndrome
Wilms Tumor-Aniridia-Genitourinary Anomalies-MR Syndrome use WAGR Syndrome
Wilms Tumor-Aniridia-Gonadoblastoma-Mental Retardation Syndrome use WAGR Syndrome
Wilson Disease use Hepatolenticular Degeneration
Wind Energy
Wind Erosion use Eolic Erosion
Wind Force
Wind Resources use Wind Energy
Wind Velocity
Windflower use Anemone nemorosa
Windroot use Asclepias tuberosa
Wine Industry
Wines use Wine Industry
Winged-Helix Transcription Factors
Winking use Blinking
Winter Aconite use Eranthis hyemalis
Winter Cherry use Physalis alkekengi
Winterberry use Ilex
Winterbloom use Hamamelis virginiana
Wintergreen use Gaultheria procumbens
Winterweed use Stellaria media
Wireless Technology
Wirsung's Duct use Pancreatic Ducts
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein Family
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein, Neuronal
Wissler's Syndrome
Wissler-Fanconi Syndrome use Wissler's Syndrome
Wit and Humor as Topic
Witch Doctor, African use Medicine, African Traditional
Witch Hazel use Hamamelis
Witch-Hazel use Hamamelis virginiana
Witchhazel use Hamamelis virginiana
Witchweed use Striga
Withdrawal Symptoms use Substance Withdrawal Syndrome
Withdrawing Care use Withholding Treatment
Withholding Treatment
Wittenborn Scales use Psychiatric Status Rating Scales
Wives use Spouses
Wnt Proteins
Wnt Signaling Pathway
Wnt-2 Proto-oncogene Protein use Wnt2 Protein
Wnt-4 Proteins use Wnt4 Protein
Wnt1 Protein
Wnt1 Proto-Oncogene Protein use Wnt1 Protein
Wnt2 Protein
Wnt3 Protein
Wnt3 Proteins use Wnt3 Protein
Wnt3A Protein
Wnt4 Protein
Woad use Isatis
Wolf's Bane use Arnica montana (Homeopathy)
Wolf's-Foot Clubmoss use Lycopodium clavatum
Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome
Wolfberry use Lycium
Wolff Periodic Disease use Familial Mediterranean Fever
Wolff's Periodic Disease use Familial Mediterranean Fever
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
Wolffian Body use Mesonephros
Wolffian Ducts
Wolfram use Tungsten
Wolfram Syndrome
Wolinella succinogenes use Wolinella
Wollow-wort use Chelidonium majus
Wolman Disease
Wolverines use Mustelidae
Women Physicians use Physicians, Women
Women's Health
Women's Health Services
Women's Liberation use Women's Rights
Women's Rights
Women, Abused use Battered Women
Women, Battered use Battered Women
Women, Pregnant use Pregnant Women
Women, Working
Wood Anemone use Anemone nemorosa
Wood Betony use Stachys betonica
Wood Creosote use Kreosotum
Wood Finishing use Polishes (Health Surveillance)
Wood Geranium use Geranium maculatum
Wood Spider use Harpagophytum procumbens
Wood Spurge use Euphorbia amygdaloides
Wood Tar use Kreosotum
Woodbine use Gelsemium
Woodchuck Hepatitis B Virus use Hepatitis B Virus, Woodchuck
Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus use Hepatitis B Virus, Woodchuck
Woodchucks use Marmota
Woodland Germander use Teucrium scorodonia
Woodland Pinkroot use Spigelia marylandica
Woodsoot use Fuligo Ligni
Woody Nightshade use Dulcamara (Homeopathy)
Wooley monkey sarcoma virus use Sarcoma Virus, Woolly Monkey
Woolly Mammoth use Mammoths
Woolly Monkey use Atelinae
Word Association Tests
Word Blindness, Acquired use Dyslexia, Acquired
Word Processing
Woringer-Kolopp Disease use Pagetoid Reticulosis
Work Capacity Evaluation
Work Environment use Working Environment
Work Hours
Work Hygiene use Occupational Health
Work of Breathing
Work Risk use Occupational Risks
Work Satisfaction use Job Satisfaction
Work Schedule Tolerance
Work Simplification
Worker use Workers
Workers Health use Occupational Health
Workers Safety use Occupational Health
Workers without Contract use Workers
Workers' Compensation
Working Conditions
Working Environment
Working Memory use Memory, Short-Term
Working Women use Women, Working
Working-Age Population
Workmen's Compensation use Workers' Compensation
Workplace Environment use Working Environment
Workplace Violence
World Bank use International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
World Food Program use World Food Programme
World Food Programme
World Health use Global Health
World Health Organization
World Population
World Strategies
World War I
World War II
World War, 1939-1945 use World War II
World Wide Web use Internet
Worm Bark use Geoffroya vermifuga
Worm Breeding
WORM Disks use Optical Storage Devices
Worm-Seed use Cina maritima
Wormgrass use Spigelia marylandica
Worms, Parasitic use Helminths
Worms, Segmented use Annelida
Wormseed use Chenopodium ambrosioides
Wormseed, Levant use Artemisia
Wormwood use Artemisia
Wound Closure Techniques
Wound Healing
Wound Infection
Wounds and Injuries
Wounds, Gunshot
Wounds, Multiple use Multiple Trauma
Wounds, Nonpenetrating
Wounds, Penetrating
Wounds, Stab
Woundwort use Solidago virgaurea
WPW Syndrome use Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
Wrens use Songbirds
Wrightia antidysenterica use Kurchi
Wrist Injuries
Wrist Joint
Writer's Cramp use Dystonic Disorders
Wrongful Birth use Wrongful Life
Wrongful Life
Wryneck use Torticollis
WT1 Proteins
Wu wei zi use Schisandra
Wu Zhu Yu use Evodia
Wuchereria bancrofti
Wuweizi use Schisandra
Wyethia helenoides