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Descritor Inglês:   Niemann-Pick C1 Protein 
Descritor Espanhol:   Proteína Niemann-Pick C1 
Descritor Português:   Proteína C1 de Niemann-Pick 
Sinônimos Inglês:   NPC1 Protein
Niemann Pick C1 Protein  
Categoria:   D12.776.157.530.594
Definição Inglês:   A transmembrane intracellular lipid transporter that helps trafficking lipids, particularly cholesterol, from late endosome/lysosome to the ER and plasma membrane. It may also play a role in other cellular cholesterol homeostasis and is an endosomal entry receptor for filoviruses including EBOLAVIRUS. Mutations in the NPC1 are associated with type C NIEMANN-PICK DISEASE. 
Nota Histórica Inglês:   2019 
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Número do Registro:   57596 
Identificador Único:   D000077296 

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