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Descritor Inglês:   Sentinel Species 
Descritor Espanhol:   Especies Centinelas 
Descritor Português:   Espécies Sentinelas 
Sinônimos Inglês:   Bioindicator Species
Sentinel Animals
Sentinel Organisms
Sentinel Plants  
Categoria:   B05.698
Definição Inglês:   Organisms used to determine measurable environmental risks or hazards to human health and or well-being, thereby serving as advance or early warning signs of impending danger to humans. Examples of sentinel species are monkeys, guinea pigs, and the fabled canary in the coal mine. 
Relacionados Inglês:   Environmental Exposure
Nota Histórica Inglês:   2017 
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AB abnormalities AH anatomy & histology
BL blood CF cerebrospinal fluid
CL classification EM embryology
GE genetics GD growth & development
IM immunology IN injuries
ME metabolism MI microbiology
PS parasitology PH physiology
SU surgery UR urine
VI virology  
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