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Descriptor English:   Pneumonia of Calves, Enzootic 
Descriptor Spanish:   Neumonía Enzoótica de los Becerros 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Pneumonia Enzoótica dos Bezerros 
Synonyms English:   Calf Pneumonia, Enzootic
Enzootic Calf Pneumonia
Enzootic Calf Pneumonias
Enzootic Pneumonia of Calves
Pneumonia, Enzootic Calf
Pneumonias, Enzootic Calf  
Tree Number:   C01.252.620.300
Definition English:   Chronic endemic respiratory disease of dairy calves and an important component of bovine respiratory disease complex. It primarily affects calves up to six months of age and the etiology is multifactorial. Stress plus a primary viral infection is followed by a secondary bacterial infection. The latter is most commonly associated with PASTEURELLA MULTOCIDA producing a purulent BRONCHOPNEUMONIA. Sometimes present are MANNHEIMIA HAEMOLYTICA; HAEMOPHILUS SOMNUS and mycoplasma species. 
Indexing Annotation English:   infection: coordinate IM with PASTEURELLA MULTOCIDA (IM), MANNHEIMIA HAEMOLYTICA (IM) or HAEMOPHILUS SOMNUS (IM) only if particularly discussed; check the tag CATTLE
History Note English:   2005 
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