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Descriptor English:   Oligodendroglioma 
Descriptor Spanish:   Oligodendroglioma 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Oligodendroglioma 
Synonyms English:   Adult Oligodendroglioma
Adult Oligodendrogliomas
Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma
Anaplastic Oligodendrogliomas
Childhood Oligodendroglioma
Childhood Oligodendrogliomas
Mixed Oligodendroglioma Astrocytoma
Mixed Oligodendroglioma Ependymoma
Mixed Oligodendroglioma-Astrocytoma
Mixed Oligodendroglioma-Astrocytomas
Mixed Oligodendroglioma-Ependymoma
Mixed Oligodendroglioma-Ependymomas
Oligodendroglioma, Adult
Oligodendroglioma, Anaplastic
Oligodendroglioma, Childhood
Oligodendroglioma, Well Differentiated
Oligodendroglioma, Well-Differentiated
Oligodendroglioma-Astrocytoma, Mixed
Oligodendroglioma-Astrocytomas, Mixed
Oligodendroglioma-Ependymoma, Mixed
Oligodendroglioma-Ependymomas, Mixed
Oligodendrogliomas, Adult
Oligodendrogliomas, Anaplastic
Oligodendrogliomas, Childhood
Oligodendrogliomas, Well-Differentiated
Well Differentiated Oligodendroglioma
Well-Differentiated Oligodendroglioma
Well-Differentiated Oligodendrogliomas  
Tree Number:   C04.557.465.625.600.380.590
Definition English:   A relatively slow-growing glioma that is derived from oligodendrocytes and tends to occur in the cerebral hemispheres, thalamus, or lateral ventricle. They may present at any age, but are most frequent in the third to fifth decades, with an earlier incidence peak in the first decade. Histologically, these tumors are encapsulated, relatively avascular, and tend to form cysts and microcalcifications. Neoplastic cells tend to have small round nuclei surrounded by unstained nuclei. The tumors may vary from well-differentiated to highly anaplastic forms. (From DeVita et al., Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, 5th ed, p2052; Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p655) 
Indexing Annotation English:   coordinate IM with precoordinated brain/neoplasm term (IM) + site (IM); for MIXED OLIGODENDROGLIOMA-ASTROCYTOMA or MIXED OLIGODENDROGLIOMA-EPENDYMOMA index here only, do not coordinate with ASTROCYTOMA or EPENDYMOMA
History Note English:   68; was OLIGODENDROMA 1963-67; OLIGODENDROMA was see OLIGODENDROGLIOMA 1968-93 
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