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Descriptor English:   Dysarthria 
Descriptor Spanish:   Disartria 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Disartria 
Synonyms English:   Dysarthosis
Dysarthria, Flaccid
Dysarthria, Guttural
Dysarthria, Mixed
Dysarthria, Scanning
Dysarthria, Spastic
Dysarthrias, Flaccid
Dysarthrias, Guttural
Dysarthrias, Mixed
Dysarthrias, Scanning
Dysarthrias, Spastic
Flaccid Dysarthria
Flaccid Dysarthrias
Guttural Dysarthria
Guttural Dysarthrias
Mixed Dysarthria
Mixed Dysarthrias
Scanning Dysarthria
Scanning Dysarthrias
Spastic Dysarthria
Spastic Dysarthrias  
Tree Number:   C10.597.606.150.500.800.150.200
Definition English:   Disorders of speech articulation caused by imperfect coordination of pharynx, larynx, tongue, or face muscles. This may result from CRANIAL NERVE DISEASES; NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES; CEREBELLAR DISEASES; BASAL GANGLIA DISEASES; BRAIN STEM diseases; or diseases of the corticobulbar tracts (see PYRAMIDAL TRACTS). The cortical language centers are intact in this condition. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p489) 
History Note English:   91(75); was see under SPEECH DISORDERS 1963-90 
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