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Descriptor English:   Acrodynia 
Descriptor Spanish:   Acrodinia 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Acrodinia 
Synonyms English:   Acrodynic Erythema
Childhood Mercurialism, Chronic
Childhood Mercurialisms, Chronic
Chronic Childhood Mercurialism
Chronic Childhood Mercurialisms
Erythema, Acrodynic
Feer Disease
Feer's Disease
Feers Disease
Mercurialism, Chronic Childhood
Pink Disease
Swift Disease
Swift's Disease
Swifts Disease  
Tree Number:   C10.668.829.025
Definition English:   A condition seen primarily in childhood, most often resulting from chronic exposure to MERCURY COMPOUNDS which may result in encephalopathy and POLYNEUROPATHY. Clinical features include pain, swelling and pinkish discoloration of the fingers and toes, weakness in the extremities, extreme irritability, HYPERESTHESIA, and alterations in level of consciousness. (From Menkes, Textbook of Child Neurology, 5th ed, p603) 
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