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Descriptor English:   Blinking 
Descriptor Spanish:   Parpadeo 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Piscadela 
Synonyms English:   Blink Reflex
Blink Reflexes
Corneal Reflexes
Orbicularis Oculi Reflex
Orbicularis Oculi Reflexes
Reflex, Blink
Reflex, Corneal
Reflex, Orbicularis Oculi
Reflexes, Blink
Reflexes, Orbicularis Oculi
Tree Number:   G11.561.731.127
Definition English:   Brief closing of the eyelids by involuntary normal periodic closing, as a protective measure, or by voluntary action. 
History Note English:   81 
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Record Number:   1792 
Unique Identifier:   D001767 

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